At my college we have something called J-term, this is one semester long class that is jam packed into three weeks. We go to this class every single day for several hours. This year I decided to take a class called self care, they offer this class to anyone but highly recommend it for those going into the helping profession. In this class we explored different ways to help relieve stress and unwind from our busy lives. We started out with learning some yoga, we went into a room as a class and had an instructor lead us through some simple poses. We also got to go to a studio and do hot yoga as a class which I found out that I loved. We also tried out things like meditation, journaling, and chakra work. I learned so much about myself from this class. I found that it is always great to try new things, there is no shame in saying what you believe in – or don’t, and alone time to unwind is so very important especially when you have such a busy schedule.