I have managed to pack everything into four boxes, type the last pages of my essay, correct and alphabetize the bibliography, send it to the professor, stuff in the remaining items into my suitcase, lock the door of, what is going to be someone else’s room, put the key inside an envelope, drop the envelope somewhere on campus, contact an uber, throw my suitcase in the trunk, close it with a bit of strength, glance once more at my surroundings, everyone seems to still be panicking. I get inside the car, I think to myself, I’m done. Then I said loudly to the driver, “Let’s go to the airport, terminal C, please.” Inside the car, I can only feel relief. Relief for having completed all the work, having finished one more year—sophomore year, and relief of being able to finally take a break. It has been two weeks since I got out and I only managed to get myself to write this last blog entry now. Let’s just say that college can burn you quite a bit.

Although, much of the relief feels right only because I worked hard throughout the entire year and being able to feel relief feels right to me. I do not feel guilty for wanting to lay in bed and sleep late. In fact, I would recommend you do it once in a while because once you get out of college and you get a real job, it will not be the same. As college students, we are somehow adults, but not completely in adulthood yet—take a few advantages of that while you can (although do not overdo it.

After I got home, I got another internship interview. I had plenty this last semester… I lost count of how many résumés and cover letters I sent and many of them weren’t successful. I sometimes wish to know what is it that an employer is looking in its candidates? Anyway, so a day after I got home, I went to this interview, I felt like I nailed it, and, indeed, I did. I got it! I am going to be an intern this summer for a children’s publishing company called Lee & Low. I tried applying to their internship twice with unsuccessful results. The reason I wanted to intern with them is because they are very similar to Cinco Puntos Press (CPP), which I interned for last summer, and Lee & Low’s books are about everyone, but they are especially targeting young audiences. I believe there should be diverse books for people of all ages, but I think children’s books are especial because children’s minds are in a constant status of shaping and developing. So I believe they can develop and grow to be less prejudiced and unbiased when they start learning about our racial, cultural, and gender differences and be able to realize that, despite those differences, beyond that, we are still capable of the same and we should all be treated equally.

Right now, I am looking forward to the books I get to read for fun, the many plans in mind, gain experience out of my summer job, save some money, spend time with friends, and just live life as it comes. I have a feeling it is going to be a very productive summer, but also a restful one. One in which I get to watch the shows and movies I want to see, visit places I want to go to, and eat whatever I want without preoccupations in my head, a summer to indulge myself. Indulgence is good if it is done with moderation and I haven’t had a lot of that this past year. I think that in order to feel ready for another school year, I need to indulge a little as well and you should do the same (also known as self-care).

Have a happy summer and I will see you again in a few months!

Best wishes,

Santiago Montoya