jenny-85Hello, everybody. Let me say something about classes. Although there are MANY interesting classes out there…and you may be tempted to sign up for a lot of them…Here are the scenarios I have observed among friends.

Recommended: 4 classes a semester. Reality: signs up for 5. Result: Mid-semester breakdown.

Recommended: balanced schedule of humanities and sciences. Reality: 2 lab sciences and 2 writing intensive courses. Result: Never sleeps. (Enough.)

Recommended: balanced schedule of humanities, sciences, or other subjects. Reality: Signs up for 3 reading/writing intensive anthropology classes. Result: Sleeps sitting up.

I am in the second category. It’s all well and good when you have a balanced schedule. I signed up for a bio class because I needed it for my major…and the thing is, with live experiments, you have to work on THEIR schedule. Yes, that means dropping what you’re doing and making sure your YEAST patches don’t become LAWNS! And if you were being careful with your sterile technique…you’ll get odd green stuff growing instead. Proud? Why yes! Congratulations, you must now REDO your experiment.

I cannot stress this enough. Make sure you are well balanced with your classes. I mean, if you think you can take it, do so. But me? I like sleep. I need it. Or else I become Sadako. Except I don’t crawl out of wells. Or televisions. I see my friends (who I will not name) who are in scenarios 1 and 2, and when they start crying, I want to, too.

Future plans seem to be going well. If I manage to get my group into room draw, I will be able to choose a 6-person suite to live in with my friends! Yay! Guys, definitely try living with some friends, it’s a bonding experience. Fun, excitement, and hilarity all in one suite!  I know big universities have no problem with this, but in small colleges in Amherst…gotta fight for those suites. I’ll update you on what happens.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to a virtual tour of my school. Apparently some seniors did this project before they graduated. Enjoy!