It is now the new year of 2023; how exciting that we have all made it this far! This also means that winter break is coming to an end and we are all fixing to face the spring semester. In these last days of break I like to make sure that I emerge myself into as many things as possible that make me happy and that I do not get to do as much durning school. This could be anything from taking a last minute spontaneous trip somewhere, or simply staying in your room by yourself watching a show possibly for the last time until the end of the semester. Personally, up until two to three days before the first day of class, I like to stay off of my phone, go on extra long runs and walks, eat very healthy home cooked meals, take extra good care of myself, and spend maximum time with family and friends. In doing these things, I like to be intentional and remind myself that this is all helping me recharge to tackle what is coming in the next few months.

As I get into the red zone of first day of class, I check my emails and Canvas to start looking at any syllabi and announcements that have been posted. This helps me make a smoother transition back into school from vacation rather than going in blind the first day. I can start writing down important dates in my planner such as exams or projects, and start looking at any required course materials in case there are any finicky details in getting them. I know that this time can feel somewhat dreadful because of course you do not want vacation to end, but it is beneficial to familiarize yourself with what classes are fixing to entail. This also gives you the opportunity to reevaluate whether or not you are still motivated to be on the same track that you chose a few months ago during registration. Lastly, this is the time to set some goals for yourself in academics and general life. I like to set at most three academic goals and three personal goals and write them down somewhere I casually look throughout the week. My academic goals mostly go in my sticky note on my laptop because that is always on my screen during the semester. I can refer back to it and think about whether or not I am on track to meeting that goal. If I am…great! And if not, I like to think about what I can improve to meet that goal. Whatever it is you choose to do to prepare for the new year and new semester, do it with intention and mindfulness.