This year has proven to be my busiest one yet! Between my work as a Admission Fellow, my job at the performing arts center, my presidency of our campus Quest Scholars chapter, and – let’s not forget – my classes, I hardly have time to sit and enjoy a meal! But I must say that all of my commitments, activities, and such have been nothing less than rewarding. I have formed so many great connections that would have otherwise gone unmade if it weren’t for all that I am involved in here at Emory.

Nevertheless, having so much on my plate can grow to be overwhelming at times. The stress of having a major project deadline creeping up at work, an exam approaching in Experimental Economics, and a research paper due in War & Politics can be a bit much all at once. Sometimes, I just want to pull out all the hairs on my chin (I would say my head but that’d be a challenge in itself!). But I’ve found somewhat of a saving grace in my friends here.

My friends share my agony and know my pain. They are executive members of multiple organizations and clubs, teacher’s assistants, and are student workers all while maintaining healthy study habits. We’ve learned to depend on one another when it comes to keeping each other accountable and, more importantly, we’ve learned how to help one another when we feel the waters rushing in.

Since the beginning of semester, we’ve adopted somewhat of a weekly tradition. At least once a week (sometimes we sneak an extra day in) we all get together out on the fields to play a hard game of soccer or meet up at the courts to play a good game of basketball. These games give us something non-work related to look forward to each week. The Drenching sweat and the tears from hardy laughs all seem to drown whatever’s stressing us out any given week.

I’d be less than honest if I said that I never feel like I’ve bit more than I can chew this semester, but I can say that I always seem to make it through. I know that my strength and endurance comes from above, but I am thankful for a set of friends that keep me level headed and that constantly re-motivate me.