There are not a lot of breaks from school during the second semester. First semester was full of breaks and fun holidays, but the big break during second semester is spring break. Everyone looks forward to it, I know I did. The week before spring break is pretty terrible, because for me, it went by slow and all my teachers gave me tests the day before spring break started. But, after all the tests, I took a big sigh of relief and it was time to relax. All my midterm grades were posted and I had all A’s and B’s so I had no worries for all of spring break. I was looking forward to no 8AM classes and no tests and lots and lots of sleeping. All of my friends were going to places like Mexico and San Diego for spring break but I had to stay home because my parents didn’t let me go anywhere.

At first I was mad about not going anywhere, but as the week went on, I stopped caring. While being up at school, I forgot how much my family meant to me. I enjoyed all the time I spent with them. I missed being little and being able to spend time with my parents and little brothers and just hang out and be together. You don’t need to go anywhere super cool or far away to enjoy spring break or to just enjoy life. All that matters is who you are with, and that can make it a blast. People who are about to go to college should know that you shouldn’t distance yourself from your friends and family back home because you can have just as fun of a spring break hanging out with them as the people who went too far away places. If you have the chance to go somewhere awesome like Mexico, take that chance, but if you can’t don’t count out your friends and family that have always been by your side.