I am a victim to the too much gene when it comes to work! The immigrant mentality that many of us first generation children face is that we need to work extra hard to survive. To prove to everyone else that we are worthy of being there, we have to be the best. I was taught by my family that the best meant being involved in everything and leading them all. I did this all throughout high school and managed, but in college, there are too many opportunities for things I am passionate about! Due to my too much gene, I sign up for everything possible and I get really overwhelmed. I enjoy being heavily involved in my campus community but it does get to be a lot at times. After many mental breakdowns, I’m learning how to pace myself and I want to share some tips with you all about how to get through really overwhelming moments where you have a lot to do. 

As annoying as it is to hear, you must schedule your days out. Whatever works for you, DO IT! No matter how, you have to put appointments, events, and even assignments somewhere in a cohesive planning tool. I like to use apple’s calendar app but synced with my school google account. It’s accessible on whatever device I have as well as new or temporary devices (like a library computer). It’s important to block out times for work or relaxing because it gives you a heads up on how much you have to do and how much time you have to do it. Due dates really do sneak up on us and apps help us survive. 

Next important tip is to find a support system! If you enjoy working with others, find a squad to work with you or FaceTime while doing work. If you don’t like working with others, plan the times that you’ll do work AND the times that you’ll take a break. Schedule in a twenty minute drive in between study sessions or meetings. Maybe an ice cream break, online shopping, or a quick yoga session! It’s important to take time to yourself so that you don’t lose your mind. Trust me. 24 hour work days are the fast track to insanity. An hours worth of ten minutes breaks will not end the world and they will make your work better because you got a brain break! Work smarter not harder, right?

Finally, change up your environments for different tasks. I struggle to commit to one task when I try to do different types of work in the same spot. I’ve found that if I commit different areas to different places of work, I focus better! My desk is for class and meetings, outside is for writing, living room for reading, and my local outdoor cafe is for homework. I know this isn’t possible for everyone but keeping your spaces as organized as possible can help. If you’re confined to a room, maybe try committing different corners of the room or different seats to different tasks. You try what works best to keep you on task! 

In the end, I want you all to know that you don’t have to be the president of every club or even a member of every club/team. Do what you’re passionate about and listen to your mind and body when you’re going through tough times. You will prove to everyone that you belong not by outworking them but by being you and enjoying the moments. We only have a few years in school left so enjoy every moment to the fullest!