While in college not only are you constantly stressed over the copious amounts of work piled on by professors, but there is also that underlying stress that comes from being the stereotypical broke college student. Key word in that sentence, broke. However, there are ways to balance both work and school when you are able to find a job that fits in with your schedule. I currently have an on-campus job in the office of student programs and leadership and while I have to occasionally answer phone calls, respond to emails, and do small tasks for my bosses, I always have extra time to finish up some homework. How did I get such a job? Well, put simply, I asked. I took a class my first semester taught by one of my bosses, and knowing that he ran my current office, I decided to ask if there were any positions available as an office assistant. Fortunately, he looked at my schedule for the second semester and was able to put me on the office’s schedule. Although I work very minimal hours and at minimum wage, I’m still making that little bit of extra change that allows me to go out more often and enjoy the occasional city excursion. So although working on top of school sounds frightening, it is definitely possible! Be sure to check out the career center at your school for they will often do their best to help you find an oncampus job or one office campus that is flexible with your schedule. Also, if there is a position on your campus that interests you, do what I did and ask. The worst that will happen is that they say no,  so it never hurts to ask! Some internships also pay as well, so if you are able to snag an awesome internship that works with your schedule then be sure to snag it! However, I do recommend not working right away during your first semester in college. You need time to adjust to your new workload and to make friends. But, once you get into the flow of college, you will definitely be wanting to make that extra pocket change yourself!