Bad news. Everytime I try doing a video blog … things go wrong. I’m talking laptop-basically-blowing-up-in-my-face wrong. So here’s a quick update and I promise to get a video in.

Since the end of finals, things have been amazing. I finally got some sleep and all the time to hang out with my sisters. Honestly, my sisters and I don’t do much, but we also make memories. So far most of them include Netflix and jars of Nutella.

This summer (in about a few days) I’m heading off the west coast for a Math Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) and I am beyond excited. I haven’t been anywhere past Ohio, and I always thought I’d be either stuck in the Swarthmore or Cambridge bubble. Clearly, that’s not the case. It’s really a blessing to see opportunities opening.

Hopefully the summer is starting off well for you. And, here’s a few shout outs. To the students who finished their first year in college: congrats and know that it’s going to get better. Take the summer to relax but also be productive (I bet you skimmed over the productive part because I know last year that’s what I would have done). But, honestly I would say take this summer to really figure out how to make next semester amazing in every possible way. To the high school seniors CONGRATS (note the capital letters) because you’re off to a wonderful journey where you’ll find out who you really are. You’ve just shown the world that academic excellence is a reality and it’s a track you’re staying on.

Until then,

1. Enjoy Summer
2. Root for the Celtics
3. Look out for a video blog