I am about to enter week 9 out of 10 of spring term of my junior year at Dartmouth. (That’s so crazy!) One of the hardest things about the quarter system is how late we end. It’s definitely exhausting to see your friends enjoying the summer already and I’m still in classes. On the bright side, we’re so close to the finish line! This past year has had many ups and downs, many moments of feeling burnt out but also some great tokens that deserve recognition!

Here’s my top 10 list of favorite moments this school year <3:

  1. Living with my best friend during fall term
  2. Loving my fall term classes and getting good grades
  3. Working for the FGLI office
  4. Making new friends
  5. Getting vaccinated, woo hoo!
  6. Being in sociology classes with wonderful professors
  7. Securing my summer job (FYSEP Summer Session Coordinator) 
    • FYSEP is the pre-orientation program for FGLI first year students!
  8. Visiting my senior friends on campus
  9. Meeting my mentee on campus for the first time
  10. Getting into IRT (a program that will help me get into grad school)

I truly can’t wait for this term to end and to enjoy my summer and the work I’ll be doing. But I’m also grateful for the small happy nuggets and excited to see my senior friends graduate! 

Here’s to having a wonderful summer and an amazing school year next fall! (I’ll be a senior which is TERRIFYING!)