Hi guys!

I hope this blog finds all of you well. If you are going back to college great! If your on your endeavors to college even better!

I just got back to school myself and so far I love my courses. I realized that I had a long break and my courses are just what I needed!  Last week, having been my first day of my Spring semester, I realized that I am in my zone when it comes down to scholarship. I love my courses and I felt such a pleasure sitting down listening to all the introductions for my courses (a few weren’t really exciting); it felt as though I was home and ready to get my neurons working. Moreover,  I grasped the fact that I need to begin seeking more productive ways in which to spend my vacations so that I can continue growing intellectually over break for it feels as though my intellectual knowledge declines otherwise.

I think it is worth knowing when you are “in your zone”, and by that I mean, being at a mental state where you cherish and value what you are doing and are joyous at heart doing it. This helps you to discover who you are at heart and what makes you reach your potential. Have you ever thought about when you are in your zone? I bet you it is worth a thought!

Wish you all the best,