duylam-85I was told to make the title catchy. aren’t phonetic spellings eye catching?! haha

I recently went to see the marketing director at Babson, Gene Begin, and we were discussing how I could push the blog and get it read. The conversation digressed slightly and we talked about the admission blogs of various colleges & universities. Gene told me as far as Babson goes not many prospective students comment on the blog for who knows what reason. But on UVA’s [University of Virginia] blog people comment every breathing second they have, seriously there are so many comments made.

This talk led me to think of two things for those who’s shoes I was once in.

Let’s say you are picking colleges and looking into them and you are trying to get a real “feel” for a college.

Go straight to the students. Go on facebook, call the school and ask for a student [this is only for those who are socially open a.k.a. not shy a.k.a. not me], or send a student an email. Just ask them to tell you everything, and hearing the story from their side will give you a better feel for the college. That’s what happened to me – I got on facebook and a freshman [sophomore now] sent me a message and we chatted a bit about this & that. They won’t bite or judge you – in fact most students love talking about themselves and their schools haha.

Secondly once you found a school you might be interested in go straight to the admission blog. Ask questions, post comments. This will give you a feel for HOW to get in. I religiously spent time on admission blogs. I breathed college applications.

So let’s sum this up. Talk to college students. Go on college admission blogs. OH AND CC DISCUSSION IS A GREAT WAY TO CONNECT!!!

If you can’t hear your sneakers you aren’t ballin’ hard enough,


P.S. What about them Phillies?