angelica-85It’s so hard to believe that this is my third fall semester at Dillard University. I’m a Junior Ya’ll. I can recall so many moments where i wanted to give up, countless nights of studying and writing ten page papers. I can actually say that I am proud of myself. I’ve been able to manage two part time jobs, being a full-time student while also maintaining a decent GPA. I will never say it was an easy journey but one must do whatever it takes to survive. Over the years I’ve realized that only the strong survive in college life, especially. Over the years, I’ve realized that being able to budget money and time management are two essential skills of survival. Meeting deadlines are very important and that’s something I’ve never been too great at but I’m definitely going to have to change that if I want to make it further in my college career.  As an English major, I have countless assignments and it will be easy for me to be left behind if I don’t mange my time. Budgeting will also be very important now because I am hoping to be able to move into my own apartment. It definitely won’t be cheap living on my own. This semester will be very exciting. I hope everyone is doing well! Good luck.