Leaving for college is not only a nerve racking experience, but an exciting experience to say the least. You get to move out of your house and live on your own. I was most excited about being able to make my own decisions about what I would do and when, without having to ask for permission. I felt a sense of freedom, and the anticipation increased with each passing day.

One of my biggest concerns was to not get caught up in the party life style. When I first moved into the dorms at NAU, I had five days to participate in school activities or do whatever I wanted with my free time. No school, no homework, just fun. As much as I tried, I found it hard to not spend all of my free time having fun and hanging out with my new friends. When school started, I found it was harder to adjust to a normal everyday schedule. My suggestion is to definitely have some fun, but don’t go overboard. Try to get into a normal school schedule and get used to everything you will have to do on your own. There will be plenty of time for fun, but school has to come first.
I have just finished my first week and everything is going great as I get settled in for the first semester. I’ll blog again soon to let you know how things are going.