ashley-85I just wanted to write a quick message on a lesson I learned recently. Coming from the background that I do, I tend to not expect a lot from others which causes me to not put more of myself out there. I had a tough semester with different issues all relating to my tuition. Being a junior this year, I am well aware when my semester tuition is due and what happens when it is not met on time. When it came down to it,  I was let down and did not have the money for school, and I cannot register for classes until tuition is paid. When this happened, I was advised to go to my school’s financial aid office and talk to someone. I was expecting for them to tell me that they could not help, but instead they talked to some alumni and they offered to help me pay some of my tuition and then offered to pay for my books and even offered me a job next semester! So I just wanted to tell all of my readers out there to never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. There are some absolutely wonderful people out there that want to help us succeed. Don’t ever forget that.