My favorite time of year is here and I am loving it! December has been a crazy month. I am currently taking a winter mini class so I haven’t been able to fully enjoy my winter break. However, I still have been enjoying this wonderful season! I was able to take a break for about a week and go visit my loved ones back home. My favorite thing is going home to see how everything has changed and what things are still the same.

My Christmas was spent seeing family from all over and now I am back to work. I’m ready to get this next semester over and done with. My plans for this semester (besides getting good grades, of course!), is to apply to more internships and hopefully land one for this summer. I would really appreciate the opportunity to develop more professional skills and hopefully secure a job for after graduation.
I would also like to focus on developing healthier eating habits as well as lifestyle changes (physically). I have felt worse and worse as each semester passes because I haven’t been putting my health first but that is something I am determined to change!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a Happy New Year! Have fun and be safe.