Hello everyone, I am glad to be blogging again for my last academic school year here at Virginia Commonwealth University. In less than a year I will be a college graduate, which is shocking to think about. People are not lying when they say college flies by.

Out of the four classes I am taking this semester, only one is online, so I am excited to be back on campus learning around my peers. The last year was a challenge, so being able to relive some of what college was like before the pandemic has been a breath of fresh air for me. 

I’ve noticed a stark difference in the vibe I feel from my campus this year in comparison to last year. The campus is alive and vibrant again, which has made the start of this semester enjoyable. Classes are much more interactive and enjoyable when you are sitting in the physical classroom, so I have been loving all the group discussions and group activities my professors have been implementing into their lectures. This was something largely forgotten while classes were online. I feel happier on campus and can tell that this will be a great semester.

On the flip side, I would say I am a little anxious about managing my work and school schedule. Since more in-person events are allowed again, I have been super active on campus through my affiliations to programs and through my on-campus job. I work in event services which has seen an uptick in events, so I have been working much more than I did over the last year. Fortunately, my course load does not seem too demanding yet. In the spring semester, I had an internship and worked at two jobs but managed to achieve straight A’s, so while I am a little anxious about how this semester will play out in terms of my studies, this is something I have been through before and know I have many support channels to help me along the way.

I am so happy to be blogging again and look forward to sharing my experiences with you all. I hope everyone reading has a great semester and school year!