Once you are a teenager and you have graduated from high school, you sort of get the feel that you can no longer depend upon your parents entirely. The asking for money question becomes a problem, and the eagerness or need to buy your own things without a job, is definitely an issue. So what should you do once you graduate from high school? Well, you can look for a job over the summer and work as much as you’d like.

Now, what happens when you begin college and need a job? Well here is my most recommended option:

Look for work-study on campus!

Although I, myself could not do work-study, I had a couple of friends who did. They were mostly mentors at the library for different subjects and got paid for helping other students that came to seek help. Sometimes, they did not have any students to help, so they could use that time to work on their homework, which academically benefited them and they got paid for it 🙂

What when work-study is not an option?

When I began my first official job at Noodles & Company, I was a freshmen in college and I was on vacations from my Fall semester. I worked about 3 weeks straight with days off, but in the interview I told my boss that I was a college student and I was not able to work much once I started my Spring semester. Thank God, she was very understanding and only allowed my to work Fridays and Saturdays once I began school. I did not want to overload myself so that was perfect for me, but you may be in a different boat. I was busy most of the time so my school and work schedule were perfect, but if you have a lot of flexibility in your schedule, you may be able to work more days.

You want to remember that you are on your way to success and that your education should be your priority. Thus, if you are not making tons of money, that is okay. You eventually will. However, don’t overload yourself with work and school. You may want to do a part-time job meanwhile you are in college. Stress is real, so you do not want to have break down because time won’t stop just for you. If you can work most during vacations, that’d be best.

If possible, speak to your professors about job opportunities that they know about and are  geared towards your career path; that is how I got my current job. Most of all, be proactive about the situation and always think about the pros and cons about the decision that you will make.