Thursday, August 7th at 7:00p.m. EST

Join us for our inaugural Twitter Office Hour. On the first Thursday of every month at 7:00pm EST, we’re inviting first-generation college students, those who aspire to be, and everyone who cares about first-gens to meet us on Twitter to ask questions and share answers on important topics using hashtag #FirstGenOfficeHour.

This month, we’ll focus on beginning the college journey and helping first-gen students proudly proclaim, “I’m College Bound!” For high school students, that means sharing tips and advice on how to start planning and preparing for the college search and application process. For matriculating first-gens who are starting college this fall, this means helping them with the transition to college.


Our staff, first-gen student bloggers, first-generation college-bound students, their parents, counselors, college access providers, and mentors, and colleges.


August 7, 2014, 7:00pm EST

How to Participate

On August 7th at 7pm EST, log on to Twitter and follow @ImFirstGen and hashtag #FirstGenOfficeHour! To ask a question or share an answer, add #FirstGenOfficeHour to your tweet!

Guiding Questions

Q1. I’m a #firstgen college-bound student. What should I be doing this month to set me on the path to #college?

Q2. What one question should I ask my counselor about applying to college?

Q3. #firstgen students, what are you looking for in your dream college?

Q4. To student supporters, what is a common mistake you see students make during the college process?

Q5. Colleges, what can #firstgen students do to distinguish themselves in the college admissions process?

Q6. What should I be looking for in a college as a #firstgen student?

Q7. What supports should #firstgen freshmen seek out on campus?

Q8. Send your own questions to @ImFirstGen and add hashtag #FirstGenOfficeHour

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