Join us for our monthly Twitter Office Hour! On Thursday, Sept. 3rd at 7pm EST, we’re inviting first-generation college students, those who aspire to be, and everyone who cares about first-gens to meet us on Twitter to ask questions and share answers on important topics using our hashtag #FirstGenOfficeHour.

This month, we’ll talk all things related to heading back to a college campus and how to make this year a success! 


Our staff, first-gen student bloggers, first-generation college-bound students, their parents, counselors, college access providers, and mentors, and colleges.

Below are our awesome College Partner, CBO and student blogger co-hosts for this event:

1. William Patch, Machester University

2. Nicole Lentine, Champlain College

3. Suzette Degrange, University of San Francisco

4. Brittany Price, University of Cincinnati

5. Frank Key, Chapman University

6. Barbara Pierre, Framingham State University; @FramStateAdmit

7. Lacey Rollins, College Summit

8. Tyler Lattimore, I’m First! student blogger, senior at Emory University

9. Benjamin Hoertnagl-Pereira, I’m First! student blogger, sophomore at Johns Hopkins University


Thursday, September 3rd  2015 7:00pm EST

How to Participate

Log on to Twitter and follow @ImFirstGen and hashtag #FirstGenOfficeHour! To ask a question or share an answer, add #FirstGenOfficeHour to your tweet!

Twitter Chat Questions

 Q1. What are some best ways a freshman can adjust to their new life on campus? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q2. What can upper classmen do to make nervous freshmen more comfortable? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q3. Name 3-4 of the offices/centers on campus students need to become familiar with #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q4. Making friends in college can be a bit tricky. What can students do to meet new people? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q5. What are some best tips for students to stay on top of all of their academics?  #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q6.  Homesickness can last all 4 years of college. How can students combat this? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q7. What’s culture shock and how can students deal with it?  #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q8.  How can #firstgen students stay motivated during some low points in college? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q9. Provide 2-3 pieces of advice you’d like to provide students in order to have best academic year and social ever? #FirstGenOfficeHour