Join us for our monthly Twitter Office Hour! On Thursday, April 7th at 7pm-8pm EST, we’re inviting first-generation college students, those who aspire to be, and everyone who cares about first-gens to meet us on Twitter to ask questions and share answers on important topics using our hashtag #FirstGenOfficeHour.

Did you know you can experience college campus life before even being accepted? Yeah, that’s a thing!  This month, we’ll be focusing on helping you learn more fly-in programs and how they can be super beneficial in getting the college campus experience


Our staff, first-gen student bloggers, first-generation college-bound students, their parents, counselors, college access providers, and mentors, and colleges.

Below are our awesome College Partner, CBO and student blogger co-hosts for this event:

1.The College of Saint Rose

2. Willamette University

3. Barnard College

4. The University of Chicago

5. Occidental College


Thursday, April 7th 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm  EST

How to Participate

Q1. What are fly-in programs, summer enrichment programs and pre-college programs? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q2. Why should students be interested in applying to these programs? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q3. How does a student apply to a fly-in or pre-college program? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q4. Like colleges, are there application fees or costs to attend? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q5. Is there an application process to be accepted or selected for these programs? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q6. A student wants to apply to a pre-college program at a school but does not plan to apply there. Is that possible? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q7. How are these programs getting parents/guardians involved with their children? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q8. What would be more helpful for a student; working during the summer or participating in a summer program at a college? And why? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q9. Are there programs specific to first-gen, minority and low-income students? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q10. Is participation in these types of problems something that will look good on a resume or activities list? #FirstGenOfficeHour

Q11. How can students be made aware of these opportunities on college campuses? #FirstGenOfficeHour