Hey everyone! Can you smell summertime? I know I can!

This past month has been a whirlwind, but a very enjoyable one… If that makes sense. I’d like to tell y’all about what’s been going on! If you don’t know, I am involved in Student Government. It has been a very big part of my life ever since I joined Student Council in high school and I decided to continue by running as a Senator in the Student Government Association at the College of Charleston.

Well, throughout this past year, I have really enjoyed my experience as a Senator. I have grown as a student, an individual, and a leader. When Spring elections came around, I decided to do something that seemed incredibly daunting and was definitely something I was not expecting to do a year earlier: I was going to run to be the Student Body Treasurer! I picked Treasurer because I had worked closely during the year with the current Treasurer on her committee, and because working closely with clubs to decide budgets fit my interests of working with people and also doing financial work.

Election week came around, and it was an awesome experience to get to know even more students around the campus of my wonderful college. I even made a music video!

At the end of the week, I was so honored and fortunate to learn that I had been elected as the next Student Body Treasurer of the College of Charleston. This past Tuesday I was installed to my position and I am so excited for the year to come! If there’s anything that I hope that you can take from me sharing this story with you, it is that you can actually do anything in college. I had no intention of coming to college to be the Student Body Treasurer, but I thought I would enjoy it and be good at it so I tried and here I am! Never stop trying if you think that there is something that you want to do or accomplish. Apply that everywhere in your life!!!

Til next time!