duylam-85Well, I suppose it’s quite appropriate that this post would be about a fairly large event in my life given that my last post was months ago.

It’s been 3 months since I traded in case studies for problem sets.

I transferred from Babson College to the University of Virginia. When actually deciding what to do, the decision was a bit harder than I thought. The tuition was definitely a big deal. You’ve heard the story before – private college tuition vs. state college tuition.

Comparatively, Babson cost a butt-load of money. Those fees and expenses could have been mitigated through some loans and what-not, but I’m not one to borrow money. Going to UVA meant my mom wouldn’t have to work as much. And as much as money, family, campus life, friends, and cities (I love Boston btw) factored in, I tried to keep my decision solely based on which would help me best – business or engineering – in achieving my dreams/what I want.

When going through that process, I, inevitably, started to question myself. Why do you even do this? Do I want to make tons of money? How could I not weigh in everything but my education? What environment do I want to be in? Where do I see myself later on? My values were scrutinized (and it’s not over either). Everything I asked myself is, in my belief, what you should also ask yourself for the purpose of clarity. I was so sure I would be a business major and it was only through my own questioning that I struck upon my “why”.

Once I answered myself, I was dead set of transferring and what do you know? I’m in. Of course, there are things I really miss about Boston (if you ever go you have to go to Viva Burrito) and I wish I could be back in the city. But being close to home is nice. I saw my mom 5 times last year and in the past 3 months I saw her 5 times!! Huggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee benefit. It’s a little odd though to be back in Virginia. I see a lot of faces that I met when I was in high school, and I’ve come to the conclusion that UVA for most students is just a continuation of high school. That doesn’t sit well with me for some reason. Well, I got to go now. My multivariable calculus book is calling and begging me to solve some triple integrals! Yay!

Don’t stop dreaming,