It’s getting a little bit more difficult to think back to my high school years, especially as I’m hopefully on the cusp of graduate school.  But I can still mention some things that I’ve been thankful for this semester.

  1. Waking up in the morning and realizing that I can go back to sleep for twenty more minutes before class.  Daylight Savings time may be the highlight of my fall semester.
  2. Being able to play intramural volleyball on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Even though my teams have more losses than wins, and I have a bruise the size of a large apple on my right knee.
  3. Midnight trips to McDonald’s with a very special somebody.  Who is also willing to make hot honey tea for me while I’m sick.
  4. My mama who sends sweet cards in the mail to remind me that she believes in me (always has and always will).  HOW did she know to do that right when I was feeling ready to pour salt in all the sugar shakers?!  Or something else equally devious?
  5. Kevin Hart’s new comedy show in Phoenix, Arizona.  Enough said.
  6. Having four professors who were willing and able to write strong (positive) letters of recommendation for me for graduate programs.  Even one who promised to take care of me the rest of my life if I wasn’t admitted somewhere.  Talk about faith.
  7. Being able to wake up every day and find something to laugh about.  And when I’m not feeling jolly enough to laugh at myself…having a loving group of friends who GUARANTEE at least a chuckle.

On a more serious note, there isn’t enough space in this blog to mention everything and everyone that I’m thankful for—length limitations and what not.  When I look back on these last four years, I’ve realized that I couldn’t have imagined all of the blessings and opportunities and FUN that have come my way.  During every difficult class…periods of homesickness…dining hall disasters…and workout gone wrong…I’ve had systems of support to help me persevere with grace and happiness.

My best friend always confuses envelop and envelope.  In this case, I think both fit. I’m thankful for the (envelope) of love that surrounds me.

Happy Thanksgiving!