The wonderful thing about Winter Break is that you get to catch up with friends, eat home cooked meals, and sleep in without feeling guilty. It’s bliss really. Along with all this free time comes those moments when you just stare at your bedroom ceiling and simply reflect.

I’ve hit highs and lows as a college freshman. My low points were mainly due to homesickness. That first month away from home was the toughest. September felt like it was going by so slowly. I missed my little brother and my pet tortoise. That homesickness dragged a little into October too, but there is nothing that some ice cream, and gummy bears can’t solve! It eventually hit me that this was the way things were going to be from now on and as the great Robert Frost wrote, “The best way out is through,”.

My main high point of freshman year was getting through Calculus. Now just so you know, I was NEVER a math person. Like ever. Much to my advantage, I was also never a quitter. I stuck to it, and used all my available resources. I spent so much time on math that it’s not even funny. I developed an appreciation and admiration for math though. I know it may seem weird but I’ve been converted from hating math with a power of a thousand suns to actually liking it. Some math can be pretty nifty. Anyway, I successfully passed my Calculus with a grade that I am more than happy with.

I’m honestly not trying to brag or anything I just want y’all to see that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Your college will definitely help those who have the will and the thirst to succeed. In college, traits like stubbornness and determination are assets. Trust me.

My experience with my first semester of college has really given me the confidence I need to go into my second semester. At the moment I feel invincible. I know that next month when I’m in school I’ll be scowling at this post BUT the important thing is that right now I feel invincible. In the end that is what truly matters: right now, this moment.