Time management is something that many of us college students face daily. Often times I’ve gotten so busy throughout the week and my mind has slipped on an assignment I was supposed to do, or I remember last minute and it doesn’t allow me to put 100% effort into my work. I have used some helpful tools to make sure I’m putting my best into my work, that I’m not missing important meetings or fun events on campus. The first tool I use is my daily planner. I purchased a teacher planner because it has big boxes and 5 different columns for each day so that I could separate my classes.  Before my semester starts I gather my planner, colored pens and any of my class schedules that have been posted online. Then, I use one color for each of my classes and I go through weekly and write what we will be learning that week, any due assignments and dates of exams. Its extra work but it really helps me know what’s going on in class and what will be coming up so I can plan my time accordingly. My planner is my number one tool but I also use a large white board that is hung up in my room. This is where I write upcoming exams and their dates, fun events on campus that I would like to attend and appointments and meetings that I have. This makes it easy for me to be able to just wake up and see what I have going on that day or coming up, instead of having to get out my planner. I am constantly on the go with class, work or with clubs so having it written out gives me a visual of what I need to plan extra time for.

Time management is so very important to me because I am extremely busy throughout the week. Besides going to classes Monday through Friday, I am also a student worker on campus and I work another job on Fridays. I also participate in clubs on campus (Trio SSS, Mercy Collegiate Society and Habitat for Humanity where I serve on the board as fundraising coordinator). Being involved in campus activities has really opened up some amazing opportunities for me and I have connected with many people that I don’t think I would have if not joining or participating.

I see some of my peers having a hard time with time management and remembering things that they need to get done. Students will come to class forgetting to have done homework or always asking when homework is due and when an exam is coming up. I also have friends who miss club meetings because they are forgetting or they have planned something else because they forgot about other things they needed to do. I suggest that if you don’t want to go out and spend money on a planner or white board that you just simply write things down! Use an index card or piece of paper and write down things you need to do in order of their due date and when your done cross them off. Not only will you be able to manage your time appropriately but you will get your work done without forgetting or procrastinating and you will get satisfaction over getting it done and being able to cross it off.