cynthia-85When choosing a university every aspect of that school has to fit like a glove, – if it doesn’t feel right, turn around, jump on the express way, and visit the next school on your list (Seriously). If you’re investing you’re attention, time, and money into an institution it has to feel like home, – excuse me, it has to feel like your home away from home; it is important to cater to your individual personality characteristics when deciding on a university to attend. Are you looking for a science lab with all the latest equipment? How about a  theater with a beautiful stage? For me, it was the library.

The beautiful Ames Library! It really is an amazing place, – both visually and technically; a true book worm’s paradise!

The Ames Library on a beautiful winter afternoon


There are thousands of books, comfy chairs, and sound proof rooms for watching movies!!!

**I apologize that these photos don’t give Ames adequate recognition, but it really is a beautiful place.

Want to know the best part of Ames? It’s the Bates & Merwin Reading Room. This place is amazing. table2

Aside from the awesome people in the picture, There’s a ladder that swings across the bookshelves, – like the one from Beauty and The Beast!! :- )