What happened to the rest of summer? I remember I got home for the break, and next thing you know, I’m leaving again. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that fast, but I just got used to living at home. It didn’t feel any different, coming back and reliving the arguments with my brother and angrily sweeping the floor because you just stepped on your baby brother’s legos and your foot hurts SO bad. Yeah, home is just the way I left it.

This year brings mixed feelings. Organic Chemistry. Oh boy. My worst subject is Chemistry. So this year, I’m going to be a HERMIT and stay in my room. No, no, I’m joking. I know many of you freshmen just went, “No! It can’t be that hard!” It’s not going to be. You’ll have friends, T.A.’s, professors, and tutors to help you out. Don’t dread your classes. Think of them, not just college, as a new adventure. Lions as your exams ! Vicious insects as homework problems! The jungle as the new frontier! And yeah, it’s going to be scary, but who said life itself isn’t with its twists and turns? This is just another one of those turns. One of those sharp ones, just like my right turn when I drive. I had never seen my dad so nervous before. I mean, c’mon I got my license…it just looks like I’m not going to be driving anytime soon.

To all of you freshmen, good luck, have fun and don’t go to too many parties. Unless you’re the sober one that’s bringing your friends home, since they’ll owe you. Make them feed you some good food. To those of you in high school and applying, I wish you the best and that you get into your choice.