As January comes to an end, I reflect on the resolution I made nearly a month ago. My New Years resolution for 2017 is to be more selfish. It is important to stress that I do not mean selfish within a negative context. To be selfish for me means I am declaring this year to be the year I put myself first on behalf of preserving my own happiness. As college students we are juggling a handful of responsibilities while transitioning into adulthood. Family drama lingers, some friendships last a lifetime while others fizzle, and our workload never seems to get easier. This is why being selfish is so important! For me, being selfish means distancing myself from those who put me in a negative place and to strengthen bonds with those who motivate and encourage me. It means saying no to the things I do not want to do and to say yes to new adventures – even if it means going on the adventure alone. Selfishness is taking Sunday and dedicating it to a cup of coffee and your favorite book, because you deserve a break. So far, this resolution has been incredibly constructive. I have become mindful of my own happiness and I have become closer with amazing people in my life who bring joy and positivity to my day. So I challenge you, first-gen students, to become more selfish this year and see where it takes you.