I always dread the week of Labor Day. You see, you leave for the summer, come back to school, and all the sudden you have another day off. Of course, our bodies aren’t used to our routine schedules for school, so it’s hard to return back on Tuesday. Especially me, my professor gave my Friday off, so I had a 4 day weekend. On Tuesday, it cost me so much to get out of bed, I cried. Then, on Wednesday, I felt better, however, on Thursday, as I blogged before, was my first day at my internship. Today I had class and I also had to work right after class. I managed to set up for a big event at my internship, take some pictures, and great the members at the club. Earlier when I got home, I cleaned the apartment (bathrooms, kitchen, room, etc). Now, I am finally laying down and resting. MY FEET ACHE. This week was only 4 days of actual productivity and it has felt like forever to end.

Sometimes, in college (or in general) life can get to you and there are barely times for your own self. You get caught up with homework, your job, internship, volunteer work, clubs, classes, etc., that you forget to breathe and take some time to yourself to relax. I recommend always having a plan on what you want to do during the day and everything you want to complete during your day. In this plan, set up an END TIME. For example, if you have everything and you put that by 10 p.m. your day ends, close your school work or anything you may be working on and DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO. Put on a mask, take a bath, put a face mask on, watch your favorite TV show, etc., then get some rest to do it ALL over again the next day.