Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of computer science for myself is its versatility and accessibility. Whereas other fields require an extensive array of complex machinery and materials to cultivate innovation and exploratory development, computer science requires only a single machine that has become a staple in modern society. Add to this an internet connection- also quite universally standard and one can create virtually anything. The only limiting factors on creation is the ability to express innovative ideas in a translated language that is interpretable by the computer, and the exposure to the range of opportunities open given the spectrum of available tools and resources. Given that my high school did not have any computer science courses offered, I had to do some digging around myself, and was first introduced to CS though the Harvard CS50x edX course. After a few hours of lectures, I began to realize the huge potential available – not only in what I could do with the simplest of means, but more importantly the seemingly infinite expanse of information awaiting. Since this first experience, I have began pursuing a more formal education in the form of a BS in Computer Engineering at JHU.

This past summer, I enrolled in Coursera’s Machine Learning by Andrew Ng, which once again revitalized my craving for knowledge. I will never lose sight of the limitless potential for online learning, and always embrace what has allowed me to come so far. Online potential, along with the field of computer science offers to level the playing field for all groups of people. While a good public or private school education may only be available in certain geographical areas or only for certain financial tiers, in our modern society, a computer and internet is almost always readily available. I truly believe that with enough personal drive and desire, anyone, no matter their economic background, cultural heritage, religious belief, or other defining quality can take advantage of the unlimited opportunity that computer science offers.