As semesters come to a close, we all suffer from the onset of Thanksgiving Fever. The only thing worse than Thanksgiving Fever is the dreaded Wow-I-Can’t-Wait-For-Winter-Break-Fever which usually shows its symptoms right at the end of Thanksgiving Fever. I am here to tell you to fight and push through it! There are many important things that you can be doing!

During Thanksgiving Break, it might be beneficial to catch up on schoolwork! It’s okay to have caught the “fever” but you’re going to have to make up for it at some point! I usually try to pick either Wednesday and Thursday or Thursday and Friday where I decide I’m not going to worry about anything other than food and cheesecake, and I’ll push myself to do work the other 3 days.

Thanksgiving Break might also be a good time for a pulse-check on how your college search is going. Plenty of schools are approaching their early deadlines… Are you making sure you’re not missing your favorite school’s?  Or, do you know that a program you want to apply for has a long essay requirement? Now is the time to draft it out!

But you know what? If you need to use Thanksgiving Break to catch up on some personal time, that is okay too! I’m a strong believer that only a healthy mind can perform exceptionally, so if you need to use Thanksgiving Break to refresh and recharge–that is okay too.

Ultimately, my advice would be to make sure that whatever you’re doing, it is going to benefit you in someway. Thanksgiving Break is the perfect time to reflect on the year, reflect on what you’re thankful for, and use those reflections as motivation to come back from break ready to take on the world.