I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! With being a commuter I am usually already at home, but to see all my friends get to travel home for a nice break was great to see. Usually, for Thanksgiving, my family gets together at my oldest brother’s house, but this year we did Thanksgiving at my house. My mom makes all of the food, and then my whole family makes the trek over to eat. It was definitely a bit different this year since it was at a different place, but other than that not much has changed.

Even though I had assignments to work on over the break, it was still definitely a breath of fresh air.  Being able to catch up on sleep was great for me, and it’s been helping me get through those assignments more efficiently and effectively. Having time to relax always makes it easier to actually buckle down and get things done when you need to, so I’m grateful for those few days of rest. Since finals are coming up, I’ll have to start preparing more for those and get ready to close out the semester.

Alongside Thanksgiving comes getting ready for Christmas, and I also used some of my breaks to prepare for that too. We put up our Christmas tree a few days after Thanksgiving, and that’s when all of our decorations are spread across the house. We have to move around our whole living room to situate the tree in a way we like, so it’s a big undertaking. It’s all worth it though, as we transition into the holiday season. Taking time out of your busy schedule like this to just relax and do something that’s good for you is so important to mental health, especially now in the semester when things are really starting to crackdown. Avoiding burnout is crucial right now in students’ ability to focus and stay ahead of assignments, so having those little pockets of breaks are critical.