longd-85Getting into college is hard; at least that’s what I was thinking this time last year while going through the application process. When senior year rolled around I didn’t really have a clue where I wanted to go for college, or what I wanted to do when I got there. As a first generation college student, I was at a loss. However, I knew I wasn’t alone. I knew that there were students out there who shared this struggle.  So I went through the process with a lot of help from outside programs. I had to pick what schools to apply to, write a personal statement, write supplements, fill out applications, take the SATs or ACTs, and worry about maintaining grades. This was A LOT to worry about when starting senior year.  I’m sure that students who are reading this are going through the same thing. Even though there is a lot to do, you just have to stick it through. The last three years of high school have been building up to this moment; all the work that you guys have put in high school is for these next few months.

It’s a lot of pressure trying to think about the decision that you have to make, whether it is looking for a school, narrowing the college list, or finding that dream school you’ve always wanted to attend. Just know, it’s okay, because no matter what you decide on doing I know for a fact that you guys will be fine. You are all motivated enough to look for resources and opportunities outside of what is normally offered (I.E. taking advantage CSO, and the student blogs).  This is a very difficult time in your life, because it is so stressful, but there are plenty of resources that you can take advantage of.  I know when I was applying to colleges, I would always email or call the admission officers and tell them about my worries and anxieties about grades, test scores, moving away, academics, and more. They would always respond and gave me great advice that reassured, and encouraged me to continue pushing through the application process. I found that a majority of admissions officers were very helpful when applying to schools. They seemed like they were very invested in my education.  When you are in doubt about anything you have to reach out to the schools, email the professors, students, and admissions officers to get your questions cleared up.

During this process, if you ever feel discouraged and want to give up just think about when you get the acceptance letters that you will get in the near future.  When I was stressing over whether or not schools accepted me I always pictured getting an acceptance letter from a school I was really interested in. The feeling that you get when you see the word “congratulations” is absolutely spectacular.  It will feel like all the years of work that you’ve put into your education will be worth it.  Your hard work has finally paid of and it’s an indescribable feeling of accomplishment.  So when you’re down on the slumps just picture yourself being admitted to a school that you are really interested in.

Also, feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions about, well anything!