Woah, I’m a Junior now? It’s crazy because I still feel like a freshman student. Well actually no, probably sophomore—I’m giving myself the promotion because I know my way around the campus.

I mean when I think about it, I probably am more ready for the Real Big World than I credit myself for. Granted, I have a long road ahead of me to the Real Big World due to the fact that I hope to go to medical school. The pre-med life is not easy, but that does not make it impossible. What makes it impossible is fear of the uncertainty and self doubt.

I recently had lunch with a very kind family friend who happens to be a doctor. I asked her for the traits that she thinks young doctors need most right now. She replied simply and powerfully: Passion, Commitment, and Compassion.

I think that her sage advice applies to all career fields and aspirations. Everything good in life has the price of hard work. If you don’t love what you’re doing, then it’s going to make it really difficult to see your goal through.

As young students we should take time to explore multiple disciplines, and most importantly, explore ourselves. We need to be really conscious about what it is that drives us, what starts that fiery enthusiasm and determination in our chests. True success lies in happiness being thickly intertwined with our definition of success. Find what makes you happy and then think about how you can make a career out of it.

Ha! Look at me doling out advice. Seems like I do deserve the title of a Junior then…