You’ve begun your college career by moving in and getting acclimated to the college experience. Congratulations! However, now is the hard part: starting classes. So far it’s been hard meeting new friends and doing things around campus, but your real purpose has started. The night before classes can be tough. You’re not sure if you bought enough highlighters or notebooks. You’re nervous about the color of your shirt and the kind of attitude you’re going to portray to others. Point blank: you’re nervous.

CALM DOWN! Everyone else is nervous too. No one else knows more than you about the experience they’re about to have, so you’re all in the same boat. Make sure you have your notebook, books, and organization down completely. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re going to do amazing no matter what. Tell yourself that you’re going to kill it, just like everyone else knows you will. Remind yourself that it’s just the first day of the rest of your life.

You’re going to do amazing as long as you stay calm, and tell yourself positive affirmations. After all, you’ll be thanking yourself for it.