The cold weather has been ushered out making way for the lovely spring time weather! Though here in Houston it’s been pretty erratic. It goes from cold to hot, windy to raining, etc. With that, there’s only two more weeks of school and I cannot wait for this semester to be through. It’s been a tough semester as I’ve had some medical issues. I want to be able to focus more on getting better and recovering. Unfortunately, I will have to take a summer class in order to stay on track with my four-year plan. I’ve been looking and applying for jobs as well as internships. I’ve had a few different interviews but haven’t had success in locking one down because of my schedule and health issues.

I’ve definitely been suffering from senioritis with all that’s been going on. A good way I have been doing my best to prevent failure is to set aside time each day and commit to studying for at least 30 min. Once I start, I usually am able to stay on track and going over time. I’ve also been trying to use my planner more; once I write in it I have a hard time remembering to keep using it. It can be hard to stay on track but it’s important to make sure all your hard work pays off in the end!

Until next time,