ashley-85On televisions shows and movies, college kids all seem to go to Cancun or some other tourist beach for spring break. As I counted the days (and then hours) until my second spring break, going to the beach never crossed my mind.

Last year, I went home and told myself I was going to relax and do my homework and just enjoy the time off, little did I know then that I wouldn’t even have time to sit and relax. Being away at college means that when I come home everyone (and their mother normally) wants to see me. There is so much to do and so many people to see that I kept telling myself I needed more hours in the day!

This year, I was much more wise about my spring break plans. Living in the same space as an 8 month old, there is never time to relax. While I still did not touch an ounce of homework, I did volunteer at Head Start and it was an awesome experience! Being home was my favorite part, as it always is. And with the exception to Saint Louis experiencing a whole years worth of weather in 10 short days, snow and ice in the same week as a wonderful sunny 85 degrees always makes things interesting, Spring break was a nice break from the everyday stress of school. And maybe one year I will do the whole beach thing for spring break, but for now, there is no place like home.