High school could not have prepared me for college admissions. I did not consider going to college until my junior year of high school. After taking the SAT, I started to get mail from different schools that were offering me discounted applications. I had gone on so many campus tours, but I still felt unsure of where to apply. During my senior year, I started applying to schools. I never took the time to do any thorough research on the schools I was applying to. At the time, I felt like I was pulling numbers out of a hat and just going with the flow.

I was so unsure of what college entailed, it seemed like every week I was submitting important paperwork for school. My only fear at this time was not getting accepted into any of the schools I had applied for. I didn’t have any family to help me with this process, and I wasn’t sure how I could seek out a mentor. I wasn’t the most active in school because I worked. Throughout this process, I told myself to be positive. I reminded myself that there are thousands of schools across the country – one of them would accept me.

After weeks of waiting and being anxious, I got into all 5 schools I applied for. That’s right, I only applied to 5 schools. It was difficult for me to apply to more schools because I was working at the time. I barely had any time to fill out applications! I kept comparing myself to other students who applied to 20 schools and got accepted into 18. To those of you reading this, I have some advice: do your research before applying, there are plenty of schools to apply to, you WILL be accepted into college and most importantly, ASK FOR HELP!