My sophomore year of college has started off great. There is a much different feel than freshman year. Freshman year I was lost, little nervous and scared and I wasn’t sure where I’d fit in. Now, I feel way more comfortable and things are starting off smoother. My grades freshman year were up and down to start off and now they are all A’s and I feel like this year will be a lot more fun. Living on an apartment rather than a dorm is really different. I have to be more independent because I have to make my own food more often, I have to clean a lot more things, and I needed to buy a lot more materials for the apartment.
I have a lot more classes focused on my major this year. They are really interesting though, the classes for my major are phonetics and anatomy of the tongue and mouth. These classes will be tough and will require a lot of studying, but they are really interesting and I’m excited to learn. My classes are more interesting this semester because they are more major focused and I have more options of classes to take since I am a sophomore now.
One of my favorite classes I have is my Anthropology 206 class. I am taking this class for my liberal arts requirement and it is a really enjoyable class. My teacher is really funny and since she is young she connects with us more so all the activities and lectures are more appealing and relatable. So far college has been a really fun experience and I am excited for my next 3 years.