Let us take a minute to recognize that experiencing college can be difficult. Time management is difficult. Staying focused and motivated is difficult. Making and keeping connections is difficult. Completing exams, papers, and projects can be difficult. Preparing for “after undergraduate college life” is difficult.

There are days when we walk around campus with all the confidence in the world, but then there are days when we feel like we’re losing it. That is when we begin ask ourselves “Do I really ‘got’ this?”

Before getting into college, nobody ever told me that college would be difficult, but then again., nobody ever told me college would be easy. College is a lot of work, but it is not impossible. There may be aspects of college that require more work than others, and there may be aspects of college that may make you consider quitting. I am here to remind you that while it may be difficult at times, remember that getting through college is possible.

We all experience college differently, to an extent, so I will be sharing what I have found difficult lately. The aspects of college that have been the hardest are staying motivated, keeping up with connections, and preparing for what to do after graduation.

Lately, I have experienced a difficult time motivating myself to keep pushing through college. There are days when all I want to do is sleep and watch Netflix all day long. There are days when I want to throw in the towel. There are days where I ask myself, “Why am I in college?” or “Why am I doing this, anyway?” Then, I realized that my answers changed from when I originally began–and I was no longer sure what they were. So I started searching for those answers. It has been difficult, but not impossible to figure out. I have been able to find parts of myself that I would not have been able to find without starting this quest. Through networks and resources, I am finding answers as to why I am here and putting them together as I go. I have been able to use VCU’s Wellness Center’s mindfulness resources and the VCU Counseling Center’s self-help tips. I am finding my motivation again.

The other difficulty I have been dealing with as a college student, with one year and a half to go before graduating, is preparing for graduate school. I have to start preparing for my applications, personal statements, Curriculum Vitae (CV), GRE, and what programs I am interested in. This is all so stressful and difficult to manage, but not impossible. The services offered at University Career Services, advising offices, and my on- and off-campus mentors make managing all of these tasks less stressful and possible.

As college students, we have to remember that nobody ever said the journey would be easy. Although certain parts and points of college may get difficult, it is not impossible to get through them with the help of university resources. And we must also remember that when our motivation goes away, it will come back again. Sometimes we just have to go searching for it.