The letter of recommendation is used to have more references linked to the experience and attributes of an applicant. A good recommendation letter consists of an introduction, a context, a recommendation, and a closure. You want to ask your recommenders if they are can write you a strong letter of recommendation. Ask someone who knows you well and an talk to your strengths, abilities, accomplishments, experiences, and potential.

Look for a recommender that you have a strong and sincere relationship with to ensure that their letter enhances your overall application. Many students make the mistake of getting letters from distant acquaintances who have powerful or influential positions. The strategy often backfires because the letter is not meaningful.

Ask your recommender in a professional and polite manner and in ample time before the deadline. At minimum give your recommender two weeks notice. Also, provide your recommender with your resume, list of involvement, and other information relevant to the letter of recommendation. Give information on the institution or organization you are applying for and specific instructions on how to submit the letter as well. Often, students will write a mock letter of receommendation highlighting their accomplishments and desires to aid the recommender in writing the recommendation.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to remind your recommender. Be sure to remind them withut seeming demanding or impatient. Always send a thank you to your recommenders expressing your appreciation for their time and support of your application. Keep them updated both on the outcome of your application and your next steps.