There are many things to love about college. Every day is a new adventure and every day brings something new and exciting. The one thing I love most about college is the fact that I am never bored. There is always something fun to do whether it’s a campus event or something you do with your friends. For example, at NAU, my school holds a free movie every weekend. One weekend it was “Ender’s Game”, and the next weekend was “Thor 2”. My friends and I had nothing else to do after our studies so we went and it ended up being really fun. There are also always sports games on the weekend, everything from football to volleyball and basketball to soccer. You can always watch sports games and those are very fun to go to. At my school we get into all of the sporting events for free, which is great when you are on a student’s budget.

You have plenty of time to be around your friends so you are never just sitting around in your dorm room doing nothing. I always have my friends in my room, whether we are studying or just messing around, and everything we do is fun just because I’m around my friends. For example, we sometimes watch Netflix for hours at night, and it’s fun because it’s with my friends. We also have Nerf wars in my hall every weekend. There is so much to do that when I have down time I feel like I am missing out on something. I strongly recommend getting involved in whatever you can and making the most out of your college experience.