leah-85Sophomore year is so different from freshman year. I’m finding myself less stressed and actually sleeping. Gasp. (I know!) Despite the fact that classes are more intense, time is going by so fast, and declaring a major is right around the corner, I really am enjoying sophomore year. Why? I can’t really but a name on it. I think it’s because my schedule is more flexible, I’m not procrastinating as much, I have a solid foundation (meaning amazing friends) and I’m not allowing school to break me.

One thing I learned this year is what I’m good at and what I really don’t like to do. I learned that writing papers, analyzing text, and anything in the humanities social science realm is not me. I would dread picking up my books, go off in a corner and write non-stop for hours. It was boring, annoying and painful. I couldn’t really write down what I was thinking clearly and I’d get frustrated writing a paper and even more frustrating in editing and rewriting. The beauty of college was that I ruled out what wasn’t healthy for me. (I would do multiple all nighters trying to write.) And, instead I found something I really enjoyed and that was math.

I always loved math but in college it became more fascinating and changed me into problem solver. It was amazing to see everything just click in my mind. I decided I’m going to major in mathematics and possibly have a statistics concentration. I like that feeling when everything is scatter and you feel completely clueless about how things relate and then one day in lecture your professor writes or says something in class and then everything you’ve learned becomes like magnets and just connects. You mind just starts clicking. So, I’m excited to take more math courses and see where it leads me.

Overall, I think the second year in college is more doable because you already know what’s expected of you, how your school runs, who you can work with, and who will be your support system. The only downfall I hear is that there is a “sophomore slump”. It’s like the boogeyman for me. I really hope it doesn’t exist let alone is creeping up to get me. Luckily, sophomore slump hasn’t hit me yet and I hope it never does because I’m really trying to stay on point!