A general statistics for scholarships is that you normally only receive one out every thirteen scholarships you apply for. This could sound a bit depressing, however, there are thousands of scholarships out there! Please take the time to be aware of the following:

1. Please do not, I repeat DO NOT consider not applying to a scholarship just be cause it’s too competitive. Honestly, this is probably the most common excuse to back up laziness. Many eligible scholars who are more than just qualified for the competitive scholarships don’t apply because they figure there are thousands of others just as good as them who are going to apply. But what if every qualified scholar decided not to apply because there were so many like them? If only a few not so qualified students still decided to apply, the donor would be forced to grant them the scholarship just because of the lack of applicants. Seriously first generation students, don’t count yourself out. You do not want to enroll in college and have to take out loans because you didn’t apply for that big scholarship that you could have received. You will never know if you would have received it unless you take the time out to apply.

2. Apply for the small scholarships. Then again, what is actually considered small? $500, $1000? If you apply and receive five to seven of the smaller $1000 scholarships that could be up to $7000 that can go towards housing, a meal plan, or costly books (especially all you future engineering or pre med students).

3. When you are finally in college, make time to keep applying for scholarships. Unless you get to college and never have to worry about a financial issue for the next for years, apply to scholarships once you get to college. At least take the time out to sign up for the quick “no essay” scholarships.

There is so much money available to make your college dreams a reality. It is just a matter of being proactive and motivated to go out and get the money. I hope that everyone is doing well and is using the information posted by my fellow bloggers. Keep it up seniors! – Carlton