ashley-85Today has been dedicated “Save Pell Day” and many people do not understand the importance of the Pell Grant and how many people it helps. My contribution to “Save Pell Day” is to write this blog to show just another story of how important the Pell Grant is. When people talk about the Pell Grant it becomes a debate on statistics, but I am not another statistic. I am a girl with the dream to graduate from college and to become a social worker to help the kids out there like me to have dreams and aspirations and to believe in them when there is no one else that has faith.  The Pell Grant is making that possible and without the grant I don’t think I could succeed. Without the Pell Grant, not only are my dreams slipping away, but so are the dreams of every little boy and ever little girl in this world that I could help in the future. How can you help, you may ask? Contact your legislators and sign the petition. Let them know that you want the Pell Grant around, not only for my generation but all the other future generations as well.