The start of a new semester means the revival of sleepless nights and triple shot espresso drinks. But, hopefully, this year I will actually keep my resolution to myself and have a more stress-free semester. This semester I have a fully packed schedule with more hours at work, new classes, and new outside research that I am doing with a professor I have something to do each day. This means that I also have the balance of homework and everything on top of normal day-to-day tasks. My resolution this year is to take at least 30 minutes a day to have time for myself. Whether this means watching a TV show, cooking a new meal, relaxing with friends, or something new I have been meaning to do is coloring book pages. I also have a goal of going out of my comfort zone and meeting new people in either class or trying to join a new RSO on campus for the semester. My friend recently bought me a Harry Styles-themed coloring book for adults and I can’t wait to dive in. These 30 minutes will hopefully help me relax more and destress while I also navigate the emotions of graduating next year.