Mohammad in National City, CA

There are occasions in life that require you to step in and leave a legacy behind for generations and generations after you. One of the most important opportunities for me as a first-generation attending college and you heroes who are striving to be the first and the best role model for your future generations is to not only attend college but also use your full potential to learn and educate your fellow family and friends. In order for us to use our full potential, we must recognize and feel the burden of responsibility that we have being the first-gen attending college. When I was in the third grade, I would have waited for my father to get his salary and buy me a notebook to write my homework. I have never discouraged or disappointed because my parents would have to choose between buying school staff or spending on food and shelter. This story might be strange for Americans in this modern society, I have immigrated from Afghanistan. However, I am pretty sure there have been families who have gone through worse situations than what I have gone through. Nevertheless, this means that we give up. Instead, we must fight harder and be stronger than before to make positive changes to our lives and everyone else. If I could make it through college I am confident that you can do much better than I.

You can conquer the highest mountaintop of success by resisting difficulties and having the motivation to carry on a great legacy for the next generations.


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October 27, 2020