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How My Dreams Came True in Idaho

Coming from Eastern Europe, I experienced serious difficulties with my learning. First, my parents have no higher education, so they could not pay for any college or university. Second, they were not very wealthy people. They also could not afford to hire a tutor for me. As my high school had low test scores and ranking, my literacy rate used to be very poor. I was feeling awkward because of that. Earlier, there were even no AP classes in my school.

My dream of graduating from college seemed too imaginary. But recently it all changed for a better. I am now a lucky student of the West Los Angeles University in Inglewood. But my trip to the United States began unpleasantly. It was hard to cope with all cultural differences and misunderstanding. I got stuck in the number of tricky situations as my English was also poor at first.

It was a real challenge to find a decent school here, in the States. The first step on the way to my dream was entering Weiser High School in Idaho. This event helped me to get closer to a range of things that are still incomprehensible to people from my native country. I am talking about recycling, green projects, IT charity, multinational cultures, e-commerce, and more. Weiser High School performed well at different state competitions such as Idaho State Science Olympiad, so this fact proves the competence of this educational institution. Despite my focused on biology and chemistry, it did not prevent me from becoming a marketing specialist.

WHS proved that we have unlimited opportunities thanks to appropriate education. It was not easy to study everything from another aspect. Besides, I barely understood these issues in English. However, I always had a passion for learning, so I decided not to give up. I invested all my creativity and efforts in mastering the English language and other subjects.

I am proud to announce that I am the first person who ever attended college in my family. I’ll share some of the details to explain how I achieved this goal. To earn per living, I had to work in various fast food restaurants and delivery companies. Also, as my English progressed, I started to train other foreign students. Thus, my language skills have improved significantly.

One of my first impressive projects involved assisting foreign students in their remote education and researching. I taught them to structure essays and term papers properly.I could not believe my luck when I was offered an internship in Palmolive-Colgate as a marketing consultant as I had never dreamt of joining the highly competitive business world. I realized the importance of education even more. I keep moving on and supporting other students who have hard times after transferring to the United States. There are a lot of them in my city; they lack both experience and knowledge of English. I help them to find a well-paid and interesting job by pointing to the role of education in their life.

As a part of the marketing team, I appreciate the opportunity to live in the country with so many options. One thing that I know for sure is that my school in Idaho was the most crucial success factor in my entire life and career.


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January 19, 2018