Kimberly in Bakersfield, CA

Going to college is a very scary yet educational experience, especially when it’s far away from home. Growing up, I always strived for high grades and many achievements; I wanted to prove to myself and my family that I could do it. My entire family helped me, always trying their best to help me when I was struggling. My mother was born here but her mother was an immigrant, not knowing any English, and came here to clean houses for a living. My father was an actual immigrant, brought with his mother for a better future; he wasn’t the best student but after all his mom did for him he had to try. Both my parents finished high school but weren’t able to continue with their education. They had me, my father went into the military and my mother was in ultra-sound tech. I have seen the sacrifices they made so I could go to school, to make sure that I was slightly ahead of the game. My mom wanted to go to school but she was a full-time mom with two children. I thought to myself, if I do continue with school and go to a profession that makes good money, I could repay my parents and help with the schooling they once wanted to. My mother has supported me my entire way here. She is living the college experience through me. I’ve never felt so loved and supported by my family when they heard I got into a nationally ranked University. The hope in their eyes has made me want to work harder and succeed in getting a degree. I am not letting my education go to waste. I want to make my parents proud. Even though they can say much since they’ve never been to college, they’re doing their best they can to research and make sure I’ll have a good time.


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September 14, 2021